Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Malay Shitheads!!! - The Melayu Babi!!

Whats a "babi utan"??.I'll tell you..its the typical melayu!

I am beginning to really hate the malay race...period! Some of them which accounts for about 89 percent should be hauled into large concentration camps spread across peninsular malaysia and tortured then gassed.

When its comes to the malay musicians - with some exceptions - should have the honour to be tortured, cut up whilst still alive and burnt in a public execution televised on national TV.

I would do it myself in particular to two notable assholes.

They are:( and believe me when I tell you all that I am going to post this information all over my blogs so that all malaysians and people around the world will know what the malay race is all about!! )

1. Ismail "Gila"( Gila is in the Malay language and means in English "mad" ) - hes a so-called bass player who should have turned up for work at the prince hotel, kuala lumpur last Saturday 2nd of June. He didnt. He vanished without a trace.He has no money. He doesnt own a bass guitar. He claims that he does and had lent his bass gtr to a friend. He has no place to stay in Kuala Lumpur.

Truth about Ismail; He is well known to be a bastard as well as an asshole = typical melayu.

2. Boy "Castro" - Ismail's good buddy. So that speaks for itself.

It is well known in Malaysia that the malays are the lowest income group and also the laziest bastards ever to walk this earth. The word "malay" derives itself from a word meaning "slow" and "lazy".Its no bloody wonder that Malaysian malays are the worst kind of people in this country. They run the country - badly. They have their own business - which are mostly "fly-by-night" setups. Most have ended up being closed down mainly due to bad debts and in-house corruption.

Most malay musicians are arrogant, self-absorbed, self centered, narrow-minded assholes who think that they are superstars and can get away with anything.Ie: Not turn up for work; Lie and cheat people; Boast that they can read notes and play well which is all a farce; Claim to have to performed in prestigious functions or events and even with top malaysian singers and musicians which they havent.

I have met many of the above and even to the point of wanting to kill them if I ever set sights on any of them again. Especially where I am currently performing - The Prince Hotel, KL.

So all in all let this be my warning to any Malays who wish to fuck around with me!:-

" Watch out you melayu babi - I am watching you all from now onwards. I dont care who you are or where you come from. I dont care whether youre a guitarist, a bassist, a singer or a pianist/keyboardist - I will kill you if you "cross" my path and think you can shove your kind of shit culture on me!!"

" If you do..I will do things to you that even the worst crimminals havent committed yet in the history of mayhem, murder and violence.."

" Death to those Malays who think that THEY " rule this country ". If the non-malays ran this country..life and our future would be far better! " Its such a sad shame that our present and past govts have been monopolised by the melayu babi!

Thats "bumiputra" shit for you!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Malaysian Agents Suck!

I have been a musician for 37 years and performing professionally as one for about 22 years.To date, I have never gone thru a more horrendous and pathetic contract since Feb this year under the agent Milestone Sdn Bhd. Such a bunch of unprofessionals!. Theres one cow there namely Kai Reen whos nothing less than a MORON.

This Chen Kai Reen is such a moron - not knowing anything about music or the music business. She was hired by her boss namely Grace Lee who I think is also a bit of a moron and definitely a BITCH. Both make a perfect picture of two bitches who just wanna make money at the expense of good musicians like me. But thats nothing new is it?.

All Malaysian agents use and abuse musicians. Period.

Ive had enough of these type of crappy unprofessionals who crave for money but dont care a shit about musicians' welfare and feelings.Milestone isnt different to agents like Mathias Gomes who is equally greedy and selfish not to mention arrogant.

Fuck all agents!!.