Monday, June 4, 2007

Malaysian Agents Suck!

I have been a musician for 37 years and performing professionally as one for about 22 years.To date, I have never gone thru a more horrendous and pathetic contract since Feb this year under the agent Milestone Sdn Bhd. Such a bunch of unprofessionals!. Theres one cow there namely Kai Reen whos nothing less than a MORON.

This Chen Kai Reen is such a moron - not knowing anything about music or the music business. She was hired by her boss namely Grace Lee who I think is also a bit of a moron and definitely a BITCH. Both make a perfect picture of two bitches who just wanna make money at the expense of good musicians like me. But thats nothing new is it?.

All Malaysian agents use and abuse musicians. Period.

Ive had enough of these type of crappy unprofessionals who crave for money but dont care a shit about musicians' welfare and feelings.Milestone isnt different to agents like Mathias Gomes who is equally greedy and selfish not to mention arrogant.

Fuck all agents!!.

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